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Are you a carer?

A carer is an individual who provides or intends to provide care/support for another person as a result of long term condition or disability; this could be a partner, parent, sibling, or grandparent and can also include friends and neighbours.

In order to be considered a Carer in Scotland:

  • You do NOT have to be living in the same house as the person you care for
  • You do NOT have to be claiming carers allowance
  • You can be caring for ANY amount of hours
  • The person you care for does NOT have to be in receipt of a care package (such as; homecare services)

Do you think you might be a carer?

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You are a carer

From the answers you have given it looks like you are currently caring for someone in some capacity.

Worcestershire County Council - Support for Carers

The Council’s Adult Contact Team can put you in touch with teams who provide extra support for Carers caring for someone with mental health issues, a learning disability or for stroke survivors.

The Mental Health Team supports Carers of people who have mental health conditions.

The Learning Disability Team supports Carers of individuals with learning disabilities.

The Stroke Association provide support for Carers of stroke survivors.

Support includes:

  • General advice, information, and support for adult Carers
  • Signposting to support available and what might help.
  • Emergency, contingency, and future planning

To find out more about these services, speak to the Adult Contact Team on 01905 768053

Visit the website: Carers | Worcestershire County Council

Worcestershire Association of Carers - The Carers Hub

The Worcestershire Carers Hub supports unpaid adult carers across the County and builds on Worcestershire Association of Carers current provision, by providing a one stop shop for carers.

  • A Carers Helpline - trained advisers cover our helpline Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm, Saturday: 9am to 12pm
  • Emergency planning advice, including a handy sized Carers Emergency Card which carers carry with them, so should they have an accident or be taken ill it will immediately let people know that someone is depending on you.
  • Support for carers caring for someone at the end of life, working closely with local hospices and NHS services
  • Information and advice tailored to carers through our magazine – ‘Caring News’ and making extensive use of social media
  • Carer training - carers can access information, advice, support and training, tailored to their individual needs all in one place.
  • Carer Talktime - regular telephone contact with one of our trained volunteers to reduce the isolation that carers can experience.
  • Carer Groups - these peer support groups are normally held once a month throughout the county, run by carers but supported by WAC
  • Our ‘Working for Carers’ scheme supports carers juggling work and care, and works with employers to promote carer friendly workplaces
  • Carers Unlimited runs events and activities for carers to give them a break from their caring role

To find out more visit the Worcestershire Association of Carers website or call 0300 012 4272.

You are not currently a carer or being cared for

Based on the answers that you have provided you are not currently a carer or being cared for. If your personal circumstances should change in the future then please come back and take the Carers Quiz again. In the meantime, please search through other areas on the site where you will find expert help and other information to help you

You are being cared for

From the answers you have given, it looks like you are currently being cared for in some capacity. For helpful advice and support please go to the Carers App.

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